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No. This course is an 8 hour CE course. Afterward, we only ask that you complete the evaluation for us to turn into ANCC. Remember you get 8 CEUs after completion.

Yes, afterward you will receive a certificate of completion. You can use this certificate to turn into the state along with your resume and nursing license to become an approved CNA Instructor.

This depends heavily on the state. Our classes are state-specific because each state has different regulations for CNA trainers. Some states require a specific amount of hours of training for a nurse to teach CNA’s. You should check with the governing bodies of the states you would like to transfer between to be sure. State specific links are available on our State Requirements page.

In order to use this certificate to teach CNA’s, you must teach at an approved CNA school. The certificate you receive after this course will be submitted to the state under the program you plan to teach for. Then, and only then will you become an approved CNA instructor. All CNA instructors MUST be affiliated with an approved school.

You will need a computer (desktop or laptop) with Microsoft Word, and Excel. 

That is not the primary function of this course. This course is meant to develop your skills as an instructor to effectively teach the curriculum and work in an approved CNA school. Many states require instructors to take a Train the Trainer course to be qualified to teach. Starting a CNA school is a much larger endeavor. A bonus module has been included to provide an overview of the process for those who wish to pursue school ownership. For more information on that process please check out our resource pageYou can also check out our consulting options if you would like assistance with this process.

You have options! You can use this education to apply to work for a nursing home-based CNA school, a technical school CNA program, or you can start your own CNA program. Many employers will require this education as it is a federal standard. Once you have the certificate, you can submit it along with your résumé and nursing license to be approved as a CNA instructor under an existing or new CNA program.